In Peru, "Acholado" is the name given to pisco, which is made from at least two grape varieties, i.e. a blend or cuvée of different grapes, grape must or distilled pisco. BARSOL Acholado is a Pisco made from Quebranta, Italia and Torontel grapes.


BARSOL Acholado is an elegant and spicy pisco. The aroma is fine and floral with notes of grapes and dried fruit. On the palate, this pisco is full-bodied with a long finish.


In Peru, Pisco Acholado is drunk pure, but is also used to mix the finest Pisco drinks Due to the different grape varieties, Pisco Acholado usually has a more complex taste than "Pisco Puro", which is made from only one grape variety. We recommend it for the Pisco Sour if you prefer a stronger, more complex taste compared to the mild BARSOL Quebranta. Of all BARSOL brand Piscos, we believe Acholado is the most versatile Pisco for drinks: It gives cocktails a fine, elegant note without dominating or drowning in the taste.


Alcohol content: 41.3% vol.
Bottle size: 700ml
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