Mosto Verde is a separate category of Peruvian Piscos. The production of a bottle of Mosto Verde Pisco requires about twice the amount of grapes compared to simple Pisco (at BARSOL 5kg per bottle!), because the alcohol content of the "green must" is lower and therefore the yield is lower. The basis of this quality is the partially fermented Quebranta grape, native to Peru.


The extravagant and costly production pays off: BARSOL Mosto Verde Quebranta comes up with the finest aromas of white chocolate, almond, citrus fruit and a light spice. On the palate it has a mild and fruity taste with a light finish.


BARSOL Mosto Verde Quebranta with its fine grape notes is an excellent choice for classic Pisco drinksbut the very mild, elegantly fruity pisco is also convincing on its own.


  • XI Concurso Regional Del Pisco, 2011, Gold
  • Concurso Nacional Del Pisco, 2011, Gold
  • Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, 2009, Silver
Alcohol content: 41.8% vol.
Bottle size: 700ml
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