Pisco BARSOL is made from Quebranta grapes. Quebranta grapes are a variety of the "Uva Negra" which originates from Spain. Due to its high sugar content, it is the most popular grape in pisco production today - between 80 and 85% of the grapes used are Quebranta grapes. Thus the Quebranta grape stands for the typical Pisco taste.


The Quebranta grape is classified as "non-aromatic" in Peru, meaning that the aromas are more reserved and subtle compared to the "aromatic" grapes.
BARSOL Quebranta is incomparably mild and presents a light nose with aromas of grape, citrus fruits, rice wine and yeast. It is pleasant to the palate and is extremely refreshing with its subtle acidity.


BARSOL Quebranta offers an excellent base of light, fruity and refreshing Pisco drinks and is therefore the ideal choice for the Pisco SourIt has a optimal balance between fruitiness and intensity. The Quebranta grape lensa it the authentic Pisco Sour taste for which the cocktail has gained its excellent reputation.


Alcohol content: 41.3% vol.
Bottle size: 700ml
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