BARSOL Mosto Verde Italia is a Pisco made from semi-fermented Italia grapes. The Italia grape (Uva Italia) is a table grape which originally comes from France. In Peru, it is classified as an aromatic grape for the production of Pisco. This variety enjoys great popularity thanks to its floral, fruity aroma.
With the Pisco variant Mosto Verde (green juice), the grape juice is only partially fermented and thus contains residual sugar. While a bottle of simple Piscos at BARSOL is made from about 5kg of grapes, a bottle of Mosto Verde requires a whole 10kg. The effort is worth it: The Mosto Verde process releases the finest grape aromas and the high-quality piscos are excellent for pure enjoyment.


On the nose Mosto Verde Italia presents tropical fruits, citrus and pear. In taste the remained sugar shows up in a pleasant sweetness. The finish is fresh and memorable. This makes the Pisco perfect for pure enjoyment.


Pisco fans will enjoy this Pisco of highest quality certainly gladly purely, e.g. as Digestif. Lovers of extravagant cocktails should also employ it in a particularly noble Pisco cocktail for example in a Pisco Punch.


Alcohol content: 41,8% vol. 
Bottle size: 700ml 
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