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"Acholado" is a Peruvian Pisco, which is made from at least two grape varieties. This means that it can be a blend or cuvee of different grapes, grape juice or different piscos. BARSOL Pisco Acholado is an extraordinary artisanal product made from the Quebranta, Italia and Torontel grapes. These three pisco grape varieties are the best in the Ica region. 


Thanks to its superb quality, great harmony and balance, Barsol Acholado has received many awards in multiple competitions in Peru and around the world.
Barsol Acholado is an elegant and aromatic Pisco with aromas of ripe fruit and light floral notes that intensify on the palate and are then complimented with hints of spices and pecans. It ends with a soft and delicate finish.


Peruvians enjoy their Pisco Acholado neat, but also use it as an ingredient for fine Pisco cocktails. Because different grape varieties are used for the production of Pisco Acholado, its taste is normally more complex than that of "Pisco Puro", which is made from just one grape variety. 
If you prefer a stronger and more complex flavoured Pisco Sour than the one you get when mixing with Barsol Pisco Quebranta, then Barsol Pisco Acholado is definitely the right choice for you. The Barsol Acholado is the most suitable Pisco for different cocktail creations as it is the most versatile out of all the Piscos of the BARSOL brand. It gives the drinks an elegant touch, without dominating the flavour or vanishing in the final cocktail.



Alcohol Content: 41,3% vol.
Volume: 700ml
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