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Mosto Verde, translated into English as "green must", is a special type of Pisco. During the production of Mosto Verde the grape juice is only partially fermented, so that there is a remaining sugar content. While a normal bottle of BARSOL Pisco usually contains around 5kg of grapes, the production of BARSOL Pisco Moste Verde requires around 10 kg of grapes for one bottle. This is because the alcohol content of the "green must" batch usually is lower and thus requires a higher volume of must to be distilled so that it can yield the same amount of distilled Pisco. 
BARSOL Pisco Mosto Verde Quebranta is a magnificent artisanal Pisco distilled from the partial fermentation of the best selection of Quebranta grapes from the Valley of Ica. 


On the nose, notes of fresh cream and white chocolate with light hints of almond and caramel can be noticed. These flavours intensify with gentle hints of spice on the palate and are complemented with a rich and round texture similar to light butter scotch. BARSOL Pisco Mosto Verde Quebranta is a remarkably balanced Pisco with a subtle yet elegant finish.


BARSOL Mosto Verde Quebranta with its fine grape note is an excellent choice for classic Pisco drinks. On top of that, this mild, elegant and fruity Pisco is also excellent as a straight drink, especially for Pisco Lovers. 


  • XI Concurso Regional Del Pisco, 2011, Gold
  • Concurso Nacional Del Pisco, 2011, Gold
  • Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, 2009, Silver
Alcohol Content: 41,8% vol.
Volume: 700ml


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