What is PISCO?



Pisco is a South American brandy (distilled from full, fermented grapes), constituting the national spirit of Chile as well as Peru. 
The piscos of both countries - Chilenian Pisco and Peruvian Pisco - are very different. Whereas Chilenian Pisco is mostly industrially produced in large quantity for the mass market, Peruvian Pisco distinguishes by the use of traditional methods and very strict quality legislation.
The Peruvian people are therefore very proud of their Peruvian Pisco. The Pisco gained reputation and fame with the classic cocktail Pisco Sour. Beyond the Pisco Sour there are several other delicious cocktail recipes based upon Pisco (e.g. Pisco Punch, Capitan).
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Even Pisco started small.
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